Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Starting small

Although we've already made a tremendous amount of effort and work into our new home - I can't really say that one room is completely done! Not that there was SO much to do, just I have so many future projects and ideas for each room.

The smallest room in the house had its paint color already chosen 2 years ago. When we moved into our previous home, I had my heart set on painting the half bathroom a dark purple to match the accessories we received as a wedding gift. We bought the paint - but that never happened. Before we knew it we were looking to move so that got sidetracked and we stuck with the dark green that was already on the walls.

 I was very excited to finally use the paint and create the purple bathroom!


Next project for this room - to add a fun backsplash on the mirror wall all the way up! Home Depot had an amazing sale a couple weeks ago on all of their backsplashes - so next time that comes around I'm all about it! Eventually also re-doing the cabinets..not sure if they will end up white or another darker wood stain. It's fun to have so many options though.

Room details:

Paint : Benjamin Moore - exact name was not on the label and I do not have the swatch from 2 years ago..

Matching towels, trash bin, soap dispenser, and tissue box : Reflections collection from Bed Bath and Beyond

Picture: Ross in 2013.

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  1. Hi Lauren! I don't know how I managed to stumble across your blog, but I did! I've started blogging our home adventures too. I'm glad to see someone else I know is blogging also :)
    Love that bathroom paint color!!! :)